( This game was created in one week for the Community Game Jam 2019, where the theme was "The game is a liar".  )

In this game, your only objective is to RACE! Wink! Wink!

Select your vehicle and get ready to beat the competition... though your competition may not be where you expect to find it.

The Race was made from start to finish in a week as part of the Community Game Jam 2019, under the theme "The Game is a Liar". We had a ton of fun! Please try out this little project we've created and share your thoughts!




TheRace (Mac) 37 MB
TheRace (Windows) 36 MB


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A track of lies, wait wheres the track? (This game is really epic)

Congrats on first in theme!

My game and the second, third, and fourth all have votes under 20, so you're the winner!

This honestly deserved it, the graphics are breathtaking and the music is a jam (or I guess you could call it a game jam)

Thank you for your kind words! Honestly I don’t understand the rating system. But we’re all winners. Your game is great too. 😊 

this a really well crafted game and i hope you guys get the prize

you really deserve it

Aww thank you so much! 😊

decent platformer


Great game with a boppin' soundtrack! You did follow through on the theme, everything's the opposite of expected. No complaints here, but sadly after combing level 2 I couldn't find a way out :/ .

Oh the exit is there, believe me! Our level design guy did a great job laying out the levels. I'm glad you enjoyed the game! :) 

:) I guess I'll have to keep looking!